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WordPress Websites - Dynamic Global Marketing - Custom Themes

Why Use WordPress?

WordPress is by far the most robust platform of which to build websites.  There are over 65 million WordPress websites that flourish on the internet.   This is a huge portion of the websites that are live on the web.  The best part about using the WordPress platform is that Dynamic Global Marketing will use this as a content management system for all the content published on your website.  We can build this out to be an online store, an extravagant photo gallery, a blog site, or even a social media site.  There are really so many options when it comes to building a site this way and with our custom theme developers we can truly take any idea you have and deliver exactly what you want in a website.  

Some of the Special Features!

  • Awesome slideshow plugins.
  • Connect social media with a plugin.
  • Connect Google analytics, or webmaster tools.
  • Sidebar feature.
  • Built in contact forms.
  • The PHP framework itself allows for any custom add-on you can think of.

WordPress – Us Versus the Competition

DGM specializes in the construction of custom WordPress themes, websites and content management. We can take your ideas and make them become a reality.  Not only will we use your ideas when building an amazing website, but we will also recommend some key features that are paramount for good ranking well in engines.  If you want the best website design for a reasonable price give us a call now at (630) 403-8080, we can help you get the exposure online exactly how you want it!

What Make WordPress the Best Option for Websites and Content Management? There are many different types of software that can be used to build websites. Joomla, Drupal, Magento, WordPress are the top used Content Management Systems used by developers around the world.  Each has its advantages and liabilities accept WordPress.  When constructing a site in the other CMS’s you must start with their framework.  This is not the case with Word Press, you can actually build a website with HTML5 and then convert it to the Word Press CMS.  Not only that but if you did want to use a WordPress theme, you could actually remove a ton of the extra files that slow it down and again this isn’t always the case with Joomla, Magento or Drupal.

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