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Call to Action - Dynamic Global Marketing

What is a Call to Action?

Creating a compelling value and urgency to take action on your website is what makes a good call to action.  Icons, buttons, graphics and even text can all be used to create a good lead on your website.  At the end of the day that’s why the visitor is using your site!  You can help guide them to what they are looking for by creating a good call to action.  There are many ways to create a working call to action like creating a good pop up ad that captures users email address for later marketing.  You can also make a button on the page that reads “FREE Quote” and have that become a pop up so the user can stay on the page they were visiting.  If you have an E-Commerce website you might want to have a navigation button that says “Sales”.  Choosing the right call to action for your website can be hard for a business owner.  That’s why we help our clients make web based decisions that we know will work!

How Will a Good Call to Action Generate Revenue?

I want to start off by saying that 90% of the internet and websites are built to generate revenue.  This does not mean that all 90% of those sites actually do make money.  Some online businesses work for years and never turn a profit.  DGM specializes in helping companies to create a good call to action. We do this by directing our clients and gathering as much information as possible. The more information the customer can provide to us the better chances they will get the call to action they need to create revenue.

What Makes Dynamic Global Marketing the Best Design Company?

Dynamic Global Marketing was founded by two internet marketers with extensive backgrounds in marketing and sales. They came together to produce a company that would revolutionize local search engine optimization for small business owners and companies across the globe. DGM quickly hired the best graphic designers in the Glen Ellyn area as well as the best web developers. With their extensive backgrounds in marketing and the high quality designers and developers DGM quickly became recognized as a sophisticated effective SEO company. Call us now at (630) 403-8080 for a free design quote and find out how we can help your website generate income by using a strong call to action!

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