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Page Quality - Dynamic Global Marketing - Chicago SEO

What is Page Quality and How Will it Affect My Site?

There are many things that go into the construction of a high quality website with good page quality.  Each page is a representation of the services, products, or information being conveyed on the website.  So what makes the page quality high and why do you want high quality page rank?  Content is king, but there are much more that go into good content than just writing articles.  There is a very specific way to layout the content on the site with proper header tags and proper word placement. 

Page Quality Process

At Dynamic Global Marketing we have successfully developed a process for constructing pages on a website that meet or exceed the quota for good page quality.  What separates us from our competition is that we go out and investigate what your competitors are doing with their site and how they are ranking.  With this information we can build a plan to outperform what they are doing.  This is part of the web design process, but is typically considered Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing and this is what makes us the go to company for your web development needs!  Call us now at (630) 403-8080 and get a no cost design quote, valued at $299.

Building Landing Pages That Work

DGM makes it hands free for our clients by taking their keywords and geographic service areas and building out very specific landing pages.  Not only is this good for the search engines, but it is also good for the users trying to locate a service provider in their area.  Our landing pages are specifically made for each niche and interlinked with all the services provided.  They are made with all the proper tags on the site and tend to outperform the competition doing the same thing.  If the competition is building landing pages, adding the tags, and inner linking then we go a step further by adding high quality back links to the website to show relevance and increase trust.  These services are done a few different ways.  We offer a per page cost to build out the landing pages and a per page cost for the design of a website.  We have certain packages that will get you these for less expensive than our competitors.  We offer affordable monthly SEO packages that will bring in a great return on investment. 

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