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Keyword Research - Dynamic Global Marketing

Top Quality Keyword Research

Having good quality keyword research is important when constructing a website if you plan on ranking well. Not only does keyword research impact your bottom line, but it also will help your users find the content that they’re looking for on your site. There are very specific tools that can be used when writing content for a website. Google keyword planner tool is the most widely used keyword research tool on the internet. Using this doesn’t come easy, finding keyword groups, and compiling the highest search keywords are only a part of it. The other part comes when you can find people that are actually buyers. Strategically finding high traffic keywords and deciding which ones are people looking for a product or looking for information is the key to good keyword research.  The next big thing in quality keyword research is finding out if your niche is a local search or a global search. Make sure that you are aware of the difference between the two when having your content written or any pay per click campaigns ran.  Call us at (630) 403-8080 to talk to an experienced copywriter today!

The Difference Between Niche Specific Keywords and Searched Keywords

In every industry the people providing the service have words they use when talking about a service or product.   The person searching for the product or service probably does not know these terms. This is why finding people that are searching for your service or product is an important part of keyword research.  You can easily fill your content with keywords that you use when describing your services or products, but if out of the 1,000 people per month that are searching your niche there are only 10 people using that term you are going to miss out on the other 990 people looking for your services.  For example we built a site for a client that installed concrete in crawl spaces. They used the term crawl space encapsulation and it was searched in Chicago, but it was only searched 20 times per month.  We were able to provide them with another 1000 searches per month by simply using the keyword planner properly.  If we had simply taken their guidance and had the content written with only that keyword they would have missed out on all that extra traffic.

Professional Copywriter That Knows Keyword Importance

Dynamic Global Marketing trains our content writers, copywriters, in all aspects of the internet marketing field.  We train them to be good at finding the best anchor texts, writing the page descriptions and captivating the visitor with high quality content.  Call us at (630) 403-8080 to get a free quote today!

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